Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Progress for Oct 17 - 21

I was probably 6 times faster in the shop this week. I worked exclusively on the Power Cube frame. I welded the rest of the bottom square and all of the top square. The height of the steel frame may be changing so the uprights that I have are probably shorter than optimal. That means that turning these squares into a cube needs to be put off. For now I've decided to move from working on the frame to working on the hydraulic tank. This will give me time to think about the frame dimensions while still making progress.

I ordered the engine on Saturday, which I'm excited to get. I'll get some material locally this week. After that I'll be ordering the rest of the parts from Surplus Center. I started diagramming the hydraulic plumbing (draft on right) in an attempt to ensure I fully understand the tank. I'm pretty proud of my progress, but the diagram and my understanding are both quite incomplete. I contacted Tom, who has been helping me with various Power Cube related things. Hopefully he can help me shore up my understanding. I'm also hoping the diagram can become a useful part of the Power Cube documentation.