Saturday, October 15, 2011

Progress for Oct 10 - 15

This is a really fun process. I get to take my time and do it right. This week I laid down the first weld on the Power Cube (version IV). I also started making progress on ordering my engine (post forthcoming).

I'm building the Frame of the Power Cube first. The frame is made of 1/4" thick angle iron. Its dimension are 27" long by 29" wide by 24" high. I will be making the cube taller so I don't have to shorten the shaft of the engine. The OSE folk turned me on to that modification. I'm waiting on them to get a new height. Until I know how tall to make the cube, I can only build the top and bottom squares of angle iron.

Welding Arrangement
The angle iron was already cut to length, so I could start immediately. My professor helped me set up the welder. I did a few practice welds to get the settings right, and get back into it-- I haven't welded in about 5 years. Getting the material into a proper square took some work, but I managed.

I laid down a few Tack welds to hold it all in place and remeasured for squareness. One of the sides had fallen out of alignment so I ground off the weld and fixed it. Now it was time to lay down some real welds.


If you look at the picture labeled 'Tacked!', you'll notice a pretty big gap between the two edges. I'm not going to weld this joint until I add the piece of angle that gives the cube it's height. With a piece of angle blocking the gap it should be an easy weld.

It took quite a while to get set up and started, but I was finally rolling. The piece was tacked and square, and I was ready to weld! But it was time to clean up. I had a machining course to attend. So I have a half finished welding job to finish up next week.