Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alternative MicroTrac Design-- MicroFork

I've spent the last week between jobs and it has done wonders for my creativity-- I've got a lot more brain energy to devote to my flights of fancy. As such, I've got what I consider to be some major improvements to my MicroTrac design. I'm calling my proposal MicroFork. My next couple posts will be about it.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to put arms onto MicroTrac so that it could lift an earth pulverizer up to the height of a CEB Press hopper. I've recently realized that this probably isn't a great requirement. First off, it's a pretty specialized task. LifeTrac seens like the right tool for that anyway. Besides that, it's quite different from other kinds of requirements that I can see MicroTrac being useful for. Goals like snow blowing/plowing, lawn mowing, tilling, posthole digging and the like are all done at relatively low heights

So instead, why not take inspiration from a different lifting requirement that MicroTrac should be able to handle. It should be able to load a pallet into a truck like a fork lift would. This has a much lower elevation requirement than loading a CEB, but is a general kind of utility MicroTrac should provide. I propose that this is the most height intensive requirement currently on the docket. So, why not take inspiration from the forklift which does the job very well. What would we end up with then? We'd get MicroFork.

(I'll post more thoughts soon.)