Monday, March 5, 2012

Kicking Butt in the Shop

It feels like I've finally turned a corner in making my Power Cube. Things are going more quickly as I hit my stride. With so much progress, I'm going to change my format a little. I've been posting about each day in the shop. With the progress that I've been making that won't be coherent-- I'm doing too many different things to describe them well in a single post.

So, here is a laundry list from the last two weeks. I'll write followup posts with details on each process.

I used the CnC Plasma Torch to cut out the pump plate and engine mounting hole. I used a drill press to attach the engine mounting plate to the angle iron that it will be bolted to. I leak tested the Hydraulic Reservoir at 80 psi! And now for a fun picture:

Steel Pacman eating a green dot =)