Saturday, September 24, 2011

Progress for Sept 19 - 23

My first posts will be a little backward because there's a lot to say and I want to try and be organized about saying it. So I'll start with the most concrete stuff. This week I started building a Power Cube which will be the power source for many machines to come.

On Monday I ordered 20 feet of Angle Iron from Access Metals (the Total cost for this was 68.90$). This would be the frame of the Power Cube. Sandy drove to the shop and picked it up. To fit in the Neon, it was cut into 2 six foot pieces and 1 seven foot piece.

On Thursday I left work early for my machining course at CCBC. I had about 1.5 hours to work before class started. I managed to cut all the long pieces of steel in that time.
The first cut on my tractor!
At the end of the work, I realized that the instructions had left out some additional cuts. I would need more steel. I conferred with Tom and he confirmed a change to the instructions. I would need a total of 408 inches of angle iron. That's another 168".

We'll get that before next Thursday.